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Product of the Month: HD800 Headphones with an Amazon Coupon Code:

amazon couponWe have some exciting news: we have the tested out the ‘mother of all headphones’, the Sennheiser HD800’s. Retailing for over $1000 in some major retail outlets, we managed to get our hands on some for cheap thanks to an Amazon coupon and some great timing. We decided against posting a standard review, since it’s been before so many times on other websites. Instead we took it for a spin with several of our favorite music players, hi-res formats, amps, and will report back the details. If Amazon isn’t your thing, you can also usually get a good price on Ebay if you use a bidding promotional code.

If you don’t know, the HD800’s are the flagship headphones of Sennheiser, a German audio company that makes damn good audio equipment. Nearly everything they make in the form of audio is top quality (and expensive!). But each product is worth the price (click here to see coupons for their headphones). Here’s some other models of Sennheiser headphones that give you top quality sound (for their price range):

Best Streaming Music Service for Audiophiles: Prime Music

amazon prime music - audiophiles
After testing out some of your favorite streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Pandora, we can confidently proclaim Prime Music (as in Amazon Prime) as the best service for discerning audiophiles.

Why? Control and Quantity. Prime Music streams by default on a variable bitrate (like how Netflix will sometimes become fuzzy because of a poor connection). But what sets Prime apart is the ability to only stream at the high quality bitrate of 256kb.

That, and while most services focus on new and contemporary music, Prime Music has an impressive back catalogue of older titles from various genres that appeal more to audiophiles: jazz, classical, and classic rock.

We’ll have a detailed round up of each service soon. But for right now you can check out Lifehacker’s choices. We agree on some choices and strongly disagree on others. But you’ll have to check back to read our detailed explanations for why. If you’re looking for more coupons on high quality audio equipment (and lots of other products and services) you can check out

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