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Joel Hoekstra


Why Audiophiles are Buying up Joel Hoesktra’s New Album:

Well, it’s not a coupon for GoDaddy. But one of the most popular records ordered on Audiophileimports.com over the last two years has been “13 – Dying to Live!” by Joel Hoesktra.

For the uninitiated, Hoekstra is the lead guitarist for Whitesnake. He released his first solo album last year, and was both wildly popular and critically acclaimed.

For audiophiles, Hoekstra’s rock-tunes are a dream come true. The album is full of collaborations with other artists, which means that you hear lots of classic sounding rock-tunes as well as contemporary riffs you would expect to hear from an emerging band of 19 year olds.

Hoekstra’s album is in the melodic rock sub-genre. Think ‘Dream Theatre’ (in fact Derek Sherinian of Dream Theatre guest stars on one track).

You also get acoustic tunes that really give your audio setup a true workout. The sheer number of guest vocalists and instrumental players makes each song feel like it’s its own sub-genre of rock.

Which means it’s an excellent rock album for discerning audiophiles.