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5 Acoustic Gadgets That Will Boost Your Auditory Experience


Safe in Sound.

Sound is one of the most important senses. A harsh cacophony or a relaxing noise can make the difference between a good mood and a raging headache. Luckily, tech companies have risen to the occasion by using technology and acoustics to help you improve your life. There are some great ways you can add them to your shopping list now. Here are five tech gadgets that can enhance your life through sound.     

1. Bose Soundsport Free earbuds 

For athletes and active users, Bose’s newest offering comes as a welcome relief. With their handy water-resistant design, even the sweatiest workout won’t harm these wireless headphones. Buttons on the earbuds themselves allow easy control of volume and allow users to place phone calls from the comfort of their headphones. Even better, the Soundsport Free is compatible with both Siri and Google Now. The Bluetooth-enabled earbuds feature a lithium-ion battery that allows them to hold a charge for up to five hours. Priced at $250, each pair of earbuds comes with three sizes of silicone tips so the Soundsport Free can be adjusted to fit any ear size.  

2. Silentmode Audio mask 

Silentmode, a Hong King-based techwear company, has taken a bold leap into the future by combining a sleep mask and a high-tech noise machine. Padded with comfortable memory foam, the mask completely blocks all light from reaching the wearer’s eyes. Built-in speakers pipe music and relaxing noises into waiting ears, creating the perfect environment for a nap. The mask’s soft speakers are removable and can be arranged in a variety of positions to provide the best auditory experience. The mask comes with an app that controls nap length, alerts users when it’s the best time for naps and even wakes you up gradually when your nap is done.  

3. Philips Smart Sleep 

With increasingly stressed out populations, it’s no surprise that many tech companies are focusing on toys to help you sleep easier. Philips’ Smart Sleep headband is no exception. Made with soft fabric and silver, the headband monitors the brain activity of weary slumberers. When the sensors detect a pattern of deep sleep, they play subtle white noises from the headband’s speakers. These noises are designed to increase the depth of sleep quality for people who sleep fewer than seven hours per night. The sensors automatically detect when users are waking up and instantly decrease the levels of white noise. The Smart Sleep is currently available in one size and retails for $400.

4. Nissin Otohiko 

Instant noodle behemoth Nissin is known more for their delicious ramen than high-tech gadgets, but their unusual take on eating utensils turned heads when they introduced Otohiko, the noise-canceling ramen fork. Specially designed for diners who are embarrassed to be heard enthusiastically guzzling down their meal, the fork features a microphone that picks up slurping sounds. The fork then springs into action, connecting with the diner’s smartphone to play noise-canceling sounds that cover up the rude slurping noise. While the fork mainly appeals to finicky gourmands, it has some novelty value as well. The fork is a limited edition and each model retails for $130.  

5. Sennheiser HD 820 

The German company is practically synonymous with high-quality consumer electronics, and their new model of closed-back headphones is no exception. The HD 820 headphones combine Sennheiser’s  high-quality audio drivers with an innovative design that uses Gorilla Glass to create a unique acoustic receptacle nestled against each ear. While open headphones typically have the best sound, the use of the Gorilla Glass minimizes the usual acoustic distortion found in closed-back headphones. The headphones also feature thick ear pads that help cushion wearers from external noise. At $2,400, the HD 820 comes with a heftier price tag than standard headphones, but will appeal to audiophiles of all incomes.

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A good night’s sleep, an inspiring music session and a comfortably quiet meal are never far away with these handy gadgets. Whether you want to mind your manners, exercise while easily listening to your favorite tunes or relax and get some sleep, these five tech toys will help you achieve your goals.