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Get a Used CD Player with an eBay Promo Code


I ran into a strange issue recently. I had an audio CD that I wanted to listen to, and the only thing I had that could still play CDs was my car. There is no disc drive in my MacBook or Mac desktop, the Playstation 4 does not recognize audio CDs (there was a very lean time in university where my Playstation 2 pulled triple duty as a CD and DVD player as well as my gaming system), and I have not owned a stand-alone CD player in some time.

The search for a CD player begins

I thought to myself ‘no problem’ and figured I could pick a new one up fairly cheaply at the local Best Buy, thanks to the use of a voucher code for selected sellers. I could not! Folks we are living in a strange time where I could buy a turntable for vinyl records at Best Buy, but I could not purchase a CD player. I mean, I’m not exactly mad about it. People far smarter than myself have written essays on why the sound quality on a vinyl record is far superior to the digital format you find on an audio CD. The confused sales associate that I spoke to thought that they might sell a portable CD player boombox online, but didn’t bother carrying it in the store because “nobody buys those anymore”. I did look into the CD boombox they had available online but the price was much higher than I had been expecting to pay, so off I went in search of a better deal.

Eventually, I did find what I was looking for at eBay of all places, and I was able to use a bidding promotional code to save on the purchase as well. Even with shipping it ended up being around a quarter of the price of the brand new model on the BestBuy website.

cd player

Why use eBay?

I know what you’re thinking, there are so many great websites dedicated to buying and selling high quality audio equipment why did I go with something as pedestrian as eBay? I hear you, and if I had been looking to purchase something more important let’s say like an amp or a good quality speaker eBay is probably one of the last places I would check. But friends, I just wanted a cheap yet reliable CD player so that when I wanted to dust off those old self-help CDs I had something I could listen to them on. Yes they are from a certain infomercial guru, and you are welcome to your opinions but I have found them helpful in my life and do like to revisit the program from time to time. However this is something that comes up every couple of years at most, so I really wasn’t looking to drop a lot of cash on it.

The reason I went with eBay was price, plain and simple. Somebody who is just looking to clear out some of the stuff in their closet or garage isn’t necessarily looking to get top dollar for their CD Player that was the pinnacle of digital sound quality in the early 2000s, they just want it gone. They also might not realize the actual value of the unit that they have, somebody who spends a lot of time on audio websites would. Hopefully my choice of website is starting to make more sense now.

How to get the best price on eBay

When you first happen upon items on eBay your eyes might go as round as saucers, but remember this is an auction website. That super low price is just a starting point, it’s not uncommon for the price to quadruple or more in the last 15 minutes of the auction. A lot of items will also have a ‘buy it now’ price listed, so that if you don’t want to mess around with bidding and potentially losing the item to another customer you can just purchase it outright like you would on any other website. This is a great option if you have one of those sellers who doesn’t realize the value of what they have and just wants the item out of their house as they have probably priced it pretty low. You get a deal, and you can save yourself some trouble.

I find in most cases though, people put the ‘buy it now’ price quite high, so that even if the bidding starts to get up there the buyers will still feel like they are getting a deal. You’re probably going to need to go this route, but never fear there are some tactics to help keep the price low. First of all, never bid on an auction that still has days left on it, that’s a rookie move and just inflates the price that you will end up paying for it. What you do instead is add the auction to your ‘watch list’. That will inform you of when the price changes (which it hopefully won’t, unless some other newb puts in an early bid) and also when the auction is getting close to ending. Don’t make any actual bids on the item until about 10-15 mins before the auction ends. You may have to put in more than 1 bid if somebody else has their eye on the item.

The second thing you can do is to use a promo code as I mentioned above. Yes, eBay has coupons. Sometimes they are only for a specific category of items or for a specific seller, but every now and again they have a site-wide coupon code. It’s usually for only 5 or 10% off, but considering that you are already paying less than retail that’s not too shabby. Just do a quick Google search, you should find a bunch. Happy hunting!

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5 Acoustic Gadgets That Will Boost Your Auditory Experience


Safe in Sound.

Sound is one of the most important senses. A harsh cacophony or a relaxing noise can make the difference between a good mood and a raging headache. Luckily, tech companies have risen to the occasion by using technology and acoustics to help you improve your life. There are some great ways you can add them to your shopping list now. Here are five tech gadgets that can enhance your life through sound.     

1. Bose Soundsport Free earbuds 

For athletes and active users, Bose’s newest offering comes as a welcome relief. With their handy water-resistant design, even the sweatiest workout won’t harm these wireless headphones. Buttons on the earbuds themselves allow easy control of volume and allow users to place phone calls from the comfort of their headphones. Even better, the Soundsport Free is compatible with both Siri and Google Now. The Bluetooth-enabled earbuds feature a lithium-ion battery that allows them to hold a charge for up to five hours. Priced at $250, each pair of earbuds comes with three sizes of silicone tips so the Soundsport Free can be adjusted to fit any ear size.  

2. Silentmode Audio mask 

Silentmode, a Hong King-based techwear company, has taken a bold leap into the future by combining a sleep mask and a high-tech noise machine. Padded with comfortable memory foam, the mask completely blocks all light from reaching the wearer’s eyes. Built-in speakers pipe music and relaxing noises into waiting ears, creating the perfect environment for a nap. The mask’s soft speakers are removable and can be arranged in a variety of positions to provide the best auditory experience. The mask comes with an app that controls nap length, alerts users when it’s the best time for naps and even wakes you up gradually when your nap is done.  

3. Philips Smart Sleep 

With increasingly stressed out populations, it’s no surprise that many tech companies are focusing on toys to help you sleep easier. Philips’ Smart Sleep headband is no exception. Made with soft fabric and silver, the headband monitors the brain activity of weary slumberers. When the sensors detect a pattern of deep sleep, they play subtle white noises from the headband’s speakers. These noises are designed to increase the depth of sleep quality for people who sleep fewer than seven hours per night. The sensors automatically detect when users are waking up and instantly decrease the levels of white noise. The Smart Sleep is currently available in one size and retails for $400.

4. Nissin Otohiko 

Instant noodle behemoth Nissin is known more for their delicious ramen than high-tech gadgets, but their unusual take on eating utensils turned heads when they introduced Otohiko, the noise-canceling ramen fork. Specially designed for diners who are embarrassed to be heard enthusiastically guzzling down their meal, the fork features a microphone that picks up slurping sounds. The fork then springs into action, connecting with the diner’s smartphone to play noise-canceling sounds that cover up the rude slurping noise. While the fork mainly appeals to finicky gourmands, it has some novelty value as well. The fork is a limited edition and each model retails for $130.  

5. Sennheiser HD 820 

The German company is practically synonymous with high-quality consumer electronics, and their new model of closed-back headphones is no exception. The HD 820 headphones combine Sennheiser’s  high-quality audio drivers with an innovative design that uses Gorilla Glass to create a unique acoustic receptacle nestled against each ear. While open headphones typically have the best sound, the use of the Gorilla Glass minimizes the usual acoustic distortion found in closed-back headphones. The headphones also feature thick ear pads that help cushion wearers from external noise. At $2,400, the HD 820 comes with a heftier price tag than standard headphones, but will appeal to audiophiles of all incomes.

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A good night’s sleep, an inspiring music session and a comfortably quiet meal are never far away with these handy gadgets. Whether you want to mind your manners, exercise while easily listening to your favorite tunes or relax and get some sleep, these five tech toys will help you achieve your goals.     

best headphones under $100

Best Study Music & Best Headphones Under $100


For effective studying, you will need a peaceful environment without any distraction. But for some students, a quiet environment can be frustrating and boring. If you are one of them, you should consider listening to music to enhance your concentration and to enjoy your studying more. Your headphones can be your best companion in this regard. But you need to choose the right music to develop your focus. All types of music are not ideal for study and concentration. If you are looking for some of the best music to improve your concentration and to avoid boredom, try some of the suggestions in this article.

Best Headphones Under $100 for Students

If you are a student, then odds are you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a pair of headphones. The good news is that you really don’t have to spend too much, there are lots of great headphones deals for under $100. has a good breakdown of a few of your options. Remember, it’s the actual studying and not the headphones that will determine what grade you get! If you want to minimize distractions I recommend using an MP3 player instead of your phone or laptop to play the music from. You can find a list of the top models available at

best headphones under $100

Plus Coupons For Starving Students:

If you’re a student, we also want to point out that you can get these namecheap promo codes from If you’re making a website for a school project, or want to blog about something as an outlet while you’re studying for exams, you can save some money while you do it.

Best Study Music

Okay so you have the headphones, now what should you listen to? A lot of it will come down to your personal tastes, but take a look at (and a listen to!) some of our suggestions below.


Classical is best to create a study environment. It is harmonious and will create a serene and calm environment. Classical is known as one of the best studying genres for students. It will increase the productivity while creating a better mood. For the maximum benefit, you can consider Brandenburg Concerto #3 – Bach.

Timed Tempos

If you are familiar with this music, you might have realized that it is different from classical. This music offers sixty beats per a minute that can relax your mind and can take your brain to a productive mode. The learning will be fast and more effective. For Timed Tempos, you can choose Concertos for Recorder – Telemann & Vivaldi. This is considered good to develop your focus and to bring the best out of your brain.

Ambient sounds

If you love modern flair, then this music can be ideal for you. You need to listen to relaxing sounds of some instruments with a perfect combination of modern tunes to get the best of the instrumental ambient sounds. If you are looking for the best sounds, you can consider VSQ Performs the Hits of 2013, Volume 2 – Vitamin String Quartet. You will appreciate the sound and innovations.

Chill out music

Chill out music, referred as modern electronic, can relax your mind and can make it roam around. But you should not roam too much. Instead, you should try to focus on your study. This genre of music includes Trip Hop, New Age, Ambient Trance, and Ambient House. For this music, you can consider Music for Airports – Eno.

Nature sounds

This music can be ideal if you do not like classical music. It is a great alternative to classical music. This music will keep your mind engaged and will also increase the concentration levels. These are best for studies. You will have a calming and relaxing environment. Some of the nature sounds are rain, waterfalls, or the sounds of a seashore. If you are looking for a website for this music, you can go through There will be many types of natural sounds to support your study and to improve your concentration.

In addition to music, you will have to focus on some other things. You need to control the volume. If it is laud, it is nearly impossible to focus on your study. Moreover, you need to prepare a playlist in advance to use it during the study. There should be different types of music to create an appropriate environment for your study and to relax your mind.

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Welcome to Audiophile Heaven!


Here at Audiophile Imports we have the best reviews and recommendations for amazing, high-fidelity sound. Whether you are looking for hi-res music, file formats, speakers or headphones, we have recommendations for every kind of audiophile!

Product of the Month: HD800 Headphones with an Amazon Coupon Code:

amazon couponWe have some exciting news: we have the tested out the ‘mother of all headphones’, the Sennheiser HD800’s. Retailing for over $1000 in some major retail outlets, we managed to get our hands on some for cheap thanks to an Amazon coupon and some great timing. We decided against posting a standard review, since it’s been before so many times on other websites. Instead we took it for a spin with several of our favorite music players, hi-res formats, amps, and will report back the details. If Amazon isn’t your thing, you can also usually get a good price on Ebay if you use a bidding promotional code.

If you don’t know, the HD800’s are the flagship headphones of Sennheiser, a German audio company that makes damn good audio equipment. Nearly everything they make in the form of audio is top quality (and expensive!). But each product is worth the price (click here to see coupons for their headphones). Here’s some other models of Sennheiser headphones that give you top quality sound (for their price range):

Best Streaming Music Service for Audiophiles: Prime Music

amazon prime music - audiophiles
After testing out some of your favorite streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Pandora, we can confidently proclaim Prime Music (as in Amazon Prime) as the best service for discerning audiophiles.

Why? Control and Quantity. Prime Music streams by default on a variable bitrate (like how Netflix will sometimes become fuzzy because of a poor connection). But what sets Prime apart is the ability to only stream at the high quality bitrate of 256kb.

That, and while most services focus on new and contemporary music, Prime Music has an impressive back catalogue of older titles from various genres that appeal more to audiophiles: jazz, classical, and classic rock.

We’ll have a detailed round up of each service soon. But for right now you can check out Lifehacker’s choices. We agree on some choices and strongly disagree on others. But you’ll have to check back to read our detailed explanations for why. If you’re looking for more coupons on high quality audio equipment (and lots of other products and services) you can check out

Joel Hoekstra


Why Audiophiles are Buying up Joel Hoesktra’s New Album:

Well, it’s not a coupon for GoDaddy. But one of the most popular records ordered on over the last two years has been “13 – Dying to Live!” by Joel Hoesktra.

For the uninitiated, Hoekstra is the lead guitarist for Whitesnake. He released his first solo album last year, and was both wildly popular and critically acclaimed.

For audiophiles, Hoekstra’s rock-tunes are a dream come true. The album is full of collaborations with other artists, which means that you hear lots of classic sounding rock-tunes as well as contemporary riffs you would expect to hear from an emerging band of 19 year olds.

Hoekstra’s album is in the melodic rock sub-genre. Think ‘Dream Theatre’ (in fact Derek Sherinian of Dream Theatre guest stars on one track).

You also get acoustic tunes that really give your audio setup a true workout. The sheer number of guest vocalists and instrumental players makes each song feel like it’s its own sub-genre of rock.

Which means it’s an excellent rock album for discerning audiophiles.